Shebel calculated economic effect of Arctic desel fuel sales

Dec 24, 2020 | Category: Implementation
Shebel calculated economic effect of Arctic desel fuel sales

We begin to sum up the results of 2020. Exactly a year ago, in December 2019, the diesel oil dewaxing unit was put into operation at Shebelynka Refinery Plant, which made it possible to produce a new type of product - Arctic diesel fuel with minimum filtration temperature of minus 32 C.

For that period (December 2019-December 2020), Shebel produced and sold 15,600 tons of Arctic diesel fuel and additional economic effect of its sales amounted to UAH 32.4 million.

“Dewaxing unit can produce 5,000 tons of Arctic diesel fuel per month," Sergiy Fedorenko, Chief Commercial Officer of Ukrgasvydobuvannya JSC, commented. "During the first year of new products production, we were able to recover the value of launching Arctic production unit and received additional profit."

In total, in 2020, the Oil Midstream and Downstream Division (Naftogaz Group) sold 517,000 tons of petroleum products and liquefied gas of its own production under Shebel brand (which is 2% or 11,000 tons less than in 2019) to external consumers.

At the same time, 44,000 tons of petroleum products (mainly diesel fuel) were shipped to domestic consumers, primarily to the Technical Division, to ensure drilling rigs fleet and workover rigs fleet operation.


Shebel (Shebelynka Refinery Plant) is one of two operating refineries in Ukraine and a part of the Oil Midstream and Downstream Division of Naftogaz Group.

The plant began its operation in 1960. In 2014-2018, the plant was the most significantly upgraded over the last 20 years. This resulted in producing products that meet the highest modern quality standards.

Since 2018, Shebelynka Refinery products have been marketed under Shebel brand.