Compliance is a system of rules and regulations that govern corporate relations of Ukrgasvydobuvannya's employees both with each other and with third parties: partners, contractors, government officials, and other participants in the production process.

Among these rules and regulations, within the framework of the openness and transparency policy, the Company has a Corporate Code of Conduct and an Anti-Corruption Program, which were developed considering the best international corporate governance practices.

The Corporate Code of Conduct defines the main goals and principles of business behaviour of each employee within the framework of the Company's declared corporate values and the achievement of the Company's main mission – ensuring the country's energy independence. This document governs the relationship of the Company's employees with each other, with partners, and the other stakeholders under the current laws of Ukraine and international standards.

 The Code of Conduct for familiarization

To improve anti-corruption measures, avoid and prevent the corruption in accordance with the Law of Ukraine on Prevention of Corruption, a set of rules, standards and procedures for identifying, counteracting and preventing corruption in the Company activities, which formed the Anti-Corruption Program, was developed.

Anti-corruption program for familiarization


If you have questions about compliance with the Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Program, you can contact Trustline: 0 800 21 20 91 (calls from mobile and landline phones within Ukraine are free) and Anti-corruption e-mail [email protected], and also directly to the responsible specialist in the direction:


  Julia Matata

  Head of Compliance Department