Public disclosure of the information of joint stock company

The auditor’s report on financial statements is available at

Special information for the period of 29 July 2013 through 5 February 2016 is available in the newsfeed on the Internet at the following link:

Corporate management principles (code) for the company have not yet been approved.

Conclusions of the Audit Committee of the company for 2013 and 2014 have not yet been approved.

The General Meeting of Shareholders of the company as a joint stock company with one shareholder is not convened or held. Furthermore, notices of general meetings and changes in the general meeting agenda have not been sent.

The company is not obliged to place a notice of the possibility of exercising the pre-emptive right by the shareholders in a private offering at a follow-on offering, as far as the participant of such an offering is introduced only by one company shareholder, and the IPO prospectus does not contain information on the period and procedure for a pre-emptive right exercise by the shareholders at the follow-on offering.

The General Meeting of Shareholders has not taken decision on the company winding up.

The company shares are uncertificated.

The company is not a mortgage bond issuer.