Solokhivske Gas Processing Department completed preventive maintenance

Sep 29, 2020 | Category: Implementation
Solokhivske Gas Processing Department completed preventive maintenance

The scope of work comprised routine maintenance, inspection and repair of equipment, in particular removal of deposits, inspection of column, heat exchange and separation equipment, cleaning, inspection and repair of pipe heaters, replacement of shut-off valves, etc. The turbo expander was also repaired.

The scope of work completed will improve the gas treatment quality before feeding gas into the main gas pipeline, optimize electricity costs through the use of energy-efficient solutions, as well as increase the department performance, in particular, increase the volume of extraction of a light hydrocarbon blend up to 3 tons per day and gas condensate up to 5 tons per day in addition to the existing volumes.

Currently, scheduled preventive maintenance is still underway at the Bazylivshchyna Engineering Gas Stabilization Shop (September 18th to October 1st) and at the Shebelynka Gas Condensate and Oil Processing Department (Shebelynka Oil Refinery, Shebel) (September 27th to October 10th).

The scheduled maintenance does not affect the shipment of already contracted products, as well as the volume of products sold at electronic stock trading.