Ukrgasvydobuvannya Teams Up with Ukrainian Business for Community Development

Aug 18, 2020 | Category: Official
Ukrgasvydobuvannya Teams Up with Ukrainian Business for Community Development

As part of its membership in the UN Global Compact Network, JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya is focused on achieving 3 goals of sustainable development as the highest priorities. These are ensuring sustainable development of cities and communities, quality education and sound health and well-being.

As part of these goals, the company teams up with socially responsible Ukrainian businesses. Ukrgasvydobuvannya has launched a number of social and infrastructure projects in collaboration with the leader of the Ukrainian agrarian industry - JSC MHP.

Both companies are committed to further cooperation and development of the regions where they operate. They confirmed their commitments on August 18, 2020 by signing a memorandum.

“Partnership with communities based on mutual assistance and support is the principled position of Ukrgasvydobuvannya. We understand our responsibility to the local population and employees who live in the regions. Therefore, we strive to ensure the well-being of these communities. We are pleased that MHP adheres to the same principles in its activities. The synergy of two powerful and socially responsible companies is what will make our country strong and ensure the sustainable development of its regions,” said Viacheslav Chaus, Deputy General Director of JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya for Land and Social Affairs.

“We are already implementing three projects in the Lviv region in collaboration with Ukrgasvydobuvannya. To consolidate and build up our cooperation, we decided to sign a memorandum. This is the first memorandum in our practice. We have announced 2020 as the year of partnership. We are open for the implementation of joint large-scale projects both with business and in the format of public-private partnership,” noted Igor Leshchenko, Deputy Chairman of the MHP Board for Corporate Social Responsibility.

The signed memorandum pursues the following main objectives:

  • creating best practices of corporate social responsibility in cooperation with national enterprises in the regions of joint activity;
  • promoting sustainable development of Ukrainian regions through the implementation of joint social and infrastructure and goodwill projects;
  • sharing experience and searching for joint insights to address regional development issues;
  • stimulating the development of the agrarian sector and the oil and gas industry to improve the energy and food security of Ukraine;
  • demonstrating the openness and readiness of national enterprises to create and develop new forms of cooperation to improve efficiency in the implementation of business processes.

As part of their partnership, MHP and Ukrgasvydobuvannya have already launched three social and infrastructure projects in the Lviv region to support the development of an educational and cultural center in Orkhovychi village, Sambir district, and Voroblevychi village, Drohobych district.