Shebel launches mobile petroleum product quality control laboratory

Nov 23, 2020 | Category: Implementation
Shebel launches mobile petroleum product quality control laboratory

Quality control of Shebel fuel is carried out by 5 accredited fixed-site laboratories, and recently a mobile petroleum product quality control laboratory has started its work.

The mobile laboratory is equipped with the necessary facilities for evaluating the quality of oil products by express methods, which allow rapid determination of critical quality indicators of oil products, in particular:

  • – for gasolines - density, fractional composition, mass fraction of sulfur, total content of aromatic hydrocarbons, mass fraction of benzene, mass fraction of oxygen, mass fraction of oxygen-containing compounds, octane number;
  • – for diesel fuel – density, fractional composition, mass fraction of sulfur, filterability temperature, closed-cup flash point, cetane index.

“The mobile laboratory is currently deployed to control the quality of oil products in the of U.GO/Ukrgasvydobuvannya gas station chain and in the in-house gas filling stations of production units of Naftogaz Group,” comments Serhii Fedorenko, Commercial Director of JSC Ukrgasvydobuvannya. – The need to create this laboratory has matured with a significant widening of the geography of partner gas filling stations selling fuel under the Shebel brand. Our nearest plans call for a constant systematic check of these gas filling stations to ensure that our consumers actually receive high-quality fuel with factory characteristics. We have already developed a package of proposals for the provision of services to third-party consumers.”

Ovis gas station chain (Kharkiv) was the first partner chain to perform the quality control of fuel using the Shebel mobile laboratory. The Shebel mobile laboratory collected and analyzed Shebel 92, Shebel 95, Shebel diesel fuel samples, with the analysis results showing that all samples meet the requirements of GOST.  


Shebel (Shebelynka Oil Refinery) is one of two operational oil refineries in Ukraine. The refinery traces its history back to 1960.

In 2014-2018, the refinery underwent the largest modernization over the past 20 years, which allowed manufacturing products that meet the highest applicable quality standards.

Since 2018, Shebelynka Oil Refinery has sold its products on the market under the Shebel brand.

According to performance indicators in 2019, the refinery increased production of gasolines to 149 thous. tons (+14%) and diesel fuel to 88 thous. tons (+4%)