The new well drilled in Kharkiv region yields gas at high flow rate.

Feb 7, 2022 | Category: Official
The new well drilled in Kharkiv region yields gas at high flow rate.


Ukrgasvydobuvannya JSC has brought into production the new exploratory well at Bezpalivske field in Kharkiv region with a flow rate of 160 thousand cubic meters of gas per day. The location for drilling the well was determined based on results of 3D seismic exploration conducted in 2020.

"Bezpalivske is a relatively "green" field. Currently its reserves account over 4 billion cubic meters of gas, and we continue to explore this field by having conducted the 3D seismic survey and drilling exploratory wells. In addition, in 2018, we commissioned the Integrated Gas Treatment Facility, which was designed by modern standards, and keep performing production stimulation operations in the producing wells. As a result, over the past four years, the Company has succeeded in increasing its production from this field by 4 times – up to 222 million cubic meters of gas in 2021. We expect to maintain this positive dynamics in 2022, and the new well will contribute to this," Oleksandr Romaniuk, Ukrgasvydobuvannya Acting Director General said.

The new exploration well was drilled by Ukrburgaz crew, using drilling rig with capacity of 450 tons. The well is directional, with target depth 5200 m. In addition to high daily flow rate, the drilling results showed that the commercial productivity area of the gas-bearing horizon developed by this well has also increased.



Bezpalivske field was put into pilot production development in 1995. Since then, 27% of the field`s initial gas reserves were recovered.

In 2021, Ukrgasvydobuvannya commissioned a highly productive well at this field, by drilling a side-track. A directional side-track was drilled from the depth 3810 m in the well No. 52 of Bezpalivske field. As a result, the well was put into production with a daily flow rate of 156 thousand cubic meters of gas.