Shebelynka Gas Processing Plant (Shebelynka Gas Condensate and Oil Processing Department) is the main gas processing asset of PJSC UkrGasVydobuvannya and one of the two operating oil processing plants in Ukraine.

The year 2016 became a real turning point for the plant: we managed to stop the processing downturn that had taken place over the past ten years; we observed a ‘qualitative leap’ from the release of products of the Euro 2 standard to the Euro 4 and Euro 5 standards only; we proved the efficiency of stock trading as an optimal selling procedure at highly competitive energy market; there has been change in the Shebelynka stereotype: our traditional position as an outlier in the domestic market, is gradually changing as we become a national producer able not only to compete easily but also to break stereotypes and create new trends.

It is worth noting that over the last decade there has been an unfortunate downtrend related to the decline in processing volumes: both in Ukraine and at the Shebelynka Gas Processing Plant in particular. In 2011, the plant processed 678 thousand tons of raw materials, 662 thousand tons in 2012, 580 thousand tons in 2013, 474 thousand tons in 2014, and 461 thousand tons in 2015. And this is all subject to Euro 2 standard fuel production.

The plant closed in 2016 with positive indicators: total processing volume amounted to 515.4 thousand tons of raw materials, which is 9% more than in 2015 (460.6 thousand tons). The manufacture of light oil products grew by 7.5% (423.4 thousand tons vs. 394.0 thousand tons), including + 7.5% for diesel fuel production (116.8 thousand tons in 2016 vs. 108. 7 thousand tons in 2015), and liquefied gas production increased almost three times (11.1 thousand tons vs. 4.0 thousand tons).

Furthermore, the company owns the following processing facilities: Yuliivka Complex Gas Treatment Unit and Tymofiivka Extended Hydrocarbon Extraction Plant, which produce liquefied gas, Bazylivshchyna Engineering Gas Stabilization Shop (liquefied gas and stable gas condensate), Yablunivka Gas Processing Department (liquefied gas and dry stripped gas), and Orkhovytsk Plant produces bitumen.

Private retail network development has become the final stage in the creation of a vertically integrated company. Under the brand PJSC UkrGasVydobuvannya there are 18 gasoline filling stations in Kharkiv Region.